Tips On How To Paint Your Wood Floor

The best way of making your floors a great feature of your home is by painting them. You can paint the floors any color and make them excellent to look. The color that you should go with depends on some factors such as the amount of traffic, natural light, and durability.

White Floor

A white wooden floor has been around for a very long time. The cool thing with painting your wood white is that you create an illusion of large space in the room. You also make the room appear bright. While white is a great color, its main flaw is that it’s impossible to hide flaws in the wood. For example, it’s hard to hide gaps in the forest.

Darker Floor

You can also paint your floor darker colors such as brown or even black. While these colors easily hide flaws in your house, they tend to make the room look dull and smaller; therefore, it’s wise to avoid them if your house is already small in size.

How to Apply Wooden Paint

Before you do anything, you should sand the floor. Standing aids in removing existing finish. It also creates a smooth surface to apply your paint. When you avoid sanding the floor, it means that the floor won’t absorb your stain, wash or paint. The level will also show holes, blemishes, and patchy stains.

After preparing the floor, you should now go ahead and apply your desired paint. For ideal results, you should work with subtle colors. The cool thing about these colors is that they highlight the wood grain which makes the floor appear very natural.

If you want your wood to appear expensive, you should paint it with deep, vibrant colors.

If you want to decorate the floor, you should go ahead and experiment with the colors. The best design to go with is checkerboard design. Here you need to use white and black colors. You can also use pastel or muted gray.

When painting, you should avoid thick paints. While thick paints are easy to apply, they wear out very fast thus you have to apply them over and over again.


These are tips on how to paint your wood floor. For a perfect finish, you should go for a color that is durable and good to look.