How to clean a bathroom floor

Cleaning Bathroom Tiles and floors

There are some essential points that you need to remember before you step in your bathroom for. There are a lot of prerequisites that you need to keep in your mind before giving a try to tile cleaning within the bathroom. You should be having the right kind of cleaning product with you and to add to that you should be following a protocol of safety. This is an essential thing that you should follow before you give this process a try. You should first of all be highly aware of the product which you are going to use for the cleaning process.

Sometimes, there is a usage of some highly acidic fluids for this cleaning process. If you tend to use bare hands while applying them, you can end up damaging your skin. You should always use such a cleaning material which is not harmful to the skin. Such a product would be okay and won’t give you unwanted results at the same time.
You need to have some patience and to add to it you should be having the right kind of tools to exercise an efficient cleaning process.

You need to wear gloves which would avoid the direct contact of your skin with the chemicals used for cleaning bathroom tiles. The process of cleaning floor tiles can sometimes be very much tiring if the treating chemicals are not efficient and hence there should always be an excellent trade-off when you are dealing with these chemicals and with your skin safety.
You should always apply these chemical and allow them to act on the tiles for some time. After that, you can continue with the process of after a considerate amount of time. The floor would be easily cleaned after this strategic pause, and you would be able to have a cleaner bathroom.

The Reclaimed Workshop

Renovating Your Home & Workshop With Reclaimed Wood

Irrespective of whether you have adopted a socially responsible lifestyle or you are simply looking for a fresh, new idea for your home renovation project, reclaimed wood constitutes an excellent choice. Even from the start it is necessary to mention that due to its various degrees of thickness, distinct texture, saw marks, nail holes and other specific features that reveal its former use, reclaimed wood is a material that impresses through its character and distinctions. Essentially, not only will it give the impression of uniqueness, but it is also inspiring and comes with its very own background story as well. Let’s explore some of the solutions that allow you enjoy the full benefits of reclaimed wood.

1. The home office

If you are working at home, then you are most likely aware of the importance of a professional looking room that can motivate you to get things done perfectly by the end of the day. A great idea for your home office implies designing it using reclaimed wood for the furniture, flooring and even the ceiling. First off, it is necessary to mention that reclaimed wood is actually very affordable, so you don’t have to go to great lengths to get the budget for your project. Secondly, the material has a professional, yet somewhat cozy appeal and hence, it’s perfect for a home office.

2. The rustic element to bind the décor together

In the eventuality that you invested a lot of time and money to create a rustic décor in one of the rooms, but the overall impression is that something is still missing, then you can rely on reclaimed word to save the day. An excellent idea in this situation would be to dress a mirror in a large reclaimed wood frame and voila, you get a charming accessory that perfectly combines the old and the new. On a side note, if your décor does not allow you to add a mirror in the space, then you could obtain the aforementioned effect by creating reclaimed wood photo/picture frames.

3. A coffee table

Are you looking for an intriguing focal point item for your living room that can be functional, resilient and the envy of all your friends and neighbors? Then you should definitely consider building or purchasing a reclaimed wood coffee table. Not only will you be able to enjoy this unique piece of furniture, but because each piece of wood has its own story to tell, it can also serve as a great conversational icebreaker. Even though its overall appearance can create the impression of antique furniture, the biggest advantage of the reclaimed wood coffee table consists of the fact that you will never have to worry about scratches, dents or similar damage.

4. Flooring

While there are numerous great solutions out there for floors that have to take some beating, none of them is as elegant and resilient as the reclaimed wood flooring. Perhaps the biggest benefit of having reclaimed wood floors in your kitchen stems from the fact that they are gentler on your feet when you are walking barefoot. In addition, its denser consistency makes it incredible resistant – almost impermeable – to dents.

How to paint a wood floor

Tips On How To Paint Your Wood Floor

The best way of making your floors a great feature of your home is by painting them. You can paint the floors any color and make them excellent to look. The color that you should go with depends on some factors such as the amount of traffic, natural light, and durability.

White Floor

A white wooden floor has been around for a very long time. The cool thing with painting your wood white is that you create an illusion of large space in the room. You also make the room appear bright. While white is a great color, its main flaw is that it’s impossible to hide flaws in the wood. For example, it’s hard to hide gaps in the forest.

Darker Floor

You can also paint your floor darker colors such as brown or even black. While these colors easily hide flaws in your house, they tend to make the room look dull and smaller; therefore, it’s wise to avoid them if your house is already small in size.

How to Apply Wooden Paint

Before you do anything, you should sand the floor. Standing aids in removing existing finish. It also creates a smooth surface to apply your paint. When you avoid sanding the floor, it means that the floor won’t absorb your stain, wash or paint. The level will also show holes, blemishes, and patchy stains.

After preparing the floor, you should now go ahead and apply your desired paint. For ideal results, you should work with subtle colors. The cool thing about these colors is that they highlight the wood grain which makes the floor appear very natural.

If you want your wood to appear expensive, you should paint it with deep, vibrant colors.

If you want to decorate the floor, you should go ahead and experiment with the colors. The best design to go with is checkerboard design. Here you need to use white and black colors. You can also use pastel or muted gray.

When painting, you should avoid thick paints. While thick paints are easy to apply, they wear out very fast thus you have to apply them over and over again.


These are tips on how to paint your wood floor. For a perfect finish, you should go for a color that is durable and good to look.

How to build a flowerbed

How to Build a Raised Flowerbed

Setting in a flowerbed is an excellent way to add a sprinkle of color and beauty to your yard, and turn an average yard into a place to stop and smell the roses. All it needs is a little dirt work and a weekend afternoon, and you’ll be ready to plant azaleas and daisies to your heart’s comfortable
How to build a flowerbed

Outline the specific area in the yard where the flower bed is going to be placed. It does not matter whether it is a tree, beneath a window, or even off in the corner of the back- yard; however, it is necessary to know where the bed will be located.

This is going to enable you to estimate the area of soil needed and decide what sort of flowers you want.Are they roses, daffodils, sunflowers? This is going to make a huge contrast, each flower, and every plant require special attention, and like outlining the area of your flowerbed, it is good to understand the flowers before you start planting them.

If you are going to go with the common annual flowers, you will be okay with soil that is set to neutral pH. That essentially means that hydrogen level in the soil is going to be around staple, not too acidic and not too alkaline, but if you have soil that is too acidic or even to alkaline, then you will have trouble growing your flowers.
Now that the flowers and the area are both outlined, it is time to start preparing the soil. The deeper the soil is tilled, the better the plants are going to grow.

If you have thick hard soil like clay, you are going to want to till the ground heavily and amend it will some thinning fertilizers and maybe a foreign soil. You want the dirt to be easily picked up and worked with the hand.

If it will fall in clumps between your fingers that are the good sign. Usually, healthy soil is very dark, almost black looking.

Now finally for accenting your flower bed, you could use a variety of different techniques. I like pavers, or cinder blocks, to make the bed stand out.

However, ensure that whatever you are using to border your flower bed doesn’t distract or draw attention from the focal point of your yard. Don’t get anything that is going to become an eyesore over time; sticking with neutral colors is going to be your best bet when adding to your back yard.